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Kayak Launch Dock Tie-up

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This is the tie-up method for the SAFE-LAUNCH Kayak-access dock.

Kayak Dock Launch Tie-up
Convenient and easy tie off for quick adjustment of the SAFE-LAUNCH entry point height. Hoop guides under the SAFE-LAUNCH platform, keep the line in position, and our new SAFE-LAUNCH cleat adds additional support to hold the platform in the up position.

Both the water side entry point of the SAFE-LAUNCH Platform, and the in-board end are adjustable. Your kayak easily slides on and off, but also stays in position while you are entering and exiting it.

Another view of what the cleat and aluminum plate look like:
Kayak Dock Launch Tie-up

Kay-aKcess enables individuals who live on canals, have docks or seawalls safe, easy access to the water. Durable and affordable. Ask about nationwide and international shipping. Contact Us for more information.

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