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Once your kayak dock is totally installed, put your kayak on the launch platform. You may want to try going in forward and backwards to find the best position and ensure that (in the case of long kayaks) you have plenty of dock space to get off and onto the kayak when in the slip.

Side Assist Bar
Assist Bar

Establish where you want the Assist Bar positioned.

Put it into position, the aluminum connector slides between the lid "lip" of the float and the aluminum frame of the float.

Try it out (before you permanently affix it into place) and slide it forward or back until you have it where you want it. (Remember it is not permanently bolted in place yet, so don't put all your weight on it yet.)

Once you have established the correct spot you can bolt it into position keeping in mind that you can always change the position later if needed.

Side Assist Bar
Assist Bar Installed

Your "Assist Bar" is installed.

If you have bump strip installed or are going to install bump strip, remove the bump strip portion from the slip area of the kayak dock, and install it back on after installation of the assist bar. (See How to install bump strip.) You will have to alter the bump strip by cutting a small area out of the top lip of the bump strip with a razor knife to make room for the assist bar.

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