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Kay-aKcess offers a P profile bump strip as an accessory, which can be installed along the frame of the dock, including the slip area- providing added protection and a more finished look.

P Profile Bump Strip

If you have pre-ordered a floating dock and specified where you would like bump strip installed, your bump strip will be measured and cut to fit your dock, and installed on the float.

Pre-ordered floating dock

Prior to shipping, the bump strip is removed and marked for re-installation at your location.

Put your dock together - for small docks this can be done on land, for larger docks this may have to be done in the water. For information on how to connect Floating Docks, see How to connect floats together.

0. Locate the sections of bump strip that correspond with the markings on the frame of your floating dock section.

Refer to the drawing below for steps 2 and 3.

Bump Strip Diagram

  1. Loosen the nuts (under the frame) to the bolts along the surface of the frame, on the side that the bump strip will be installed. This will allow the surface lip of the float to lift up slightly.

    Bump Strip Intallation

  2. Slide the lip of the bump strip between the floating dock surface lip and the frame. Push the bump strip in until the bump strip sits up against the vertical side of the frame.
    Bump Strip Intallation
    If your bump strip is going to continue around the corner of the float - you will need to insert a frame plug - which plugs the gap in the frame and provides a surface to screw down the corner of the bump strip. Hand tighten the jambolt/set screw to hold the plug in place - then one turn with a wrench - until it is snug.
    Bump Strip Intallation
    Be sure to apply an ANTI SEIZE solution to the bolts as shown in the left picture above.
    Bump Strip Intallation
  3. Using a 3/8 inch socket, screw on the bump strip - lining up the pre-drilled "tech screw" holes in the frame with the holes in the bump strip.

    Bump Strip Intallation

  4. Tighten back down the float surface bolt nuts - which will “sandwich” the bump strip lip between the frame and float lid lip. IMPORTANT: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the carriage bolt nuts. Tighten them until the lock washer is flat - then another turn with a wrench until it is snug.

    Bump Strip Intallation

Your bump strip is now installed - and will provide years of protection between your dock and whatever vessels it comes in contact with.

Bump Strip Intallation
A Bump Strip not only protects your dock and vessel, it makes your dock look better; adding the finishing touches similar to framing a picture.

Kay-aKcess enables individuals who live on canals, have docks or seawalls safe, easy access to the water. Durable and affordable. Ask about nationwide and international shipping. Contact Us for more information.

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