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1.  Above you see two floats and the connector piece. In the second picture you see that each float has one bolt going down thru the frame, and two set screws/bolts on the bottom going upwards.

2.   Remove the end bolts on the two frames that will be connected - so that the connector piece can slide into the frame. Line up the holes in the connector piece with the bolt hole, and re-insert the flat washer and bolt and then the lock washer and nut - don't tighten the nut until both frames are pushed together completely.

3.  Line up the connector pieces with the next float and slowly push the frames together making sure to push them together evenly if one side gets pushed in too far ahead of the other side, it will bind and not go in.

4.  Push the two floats together fully and insert the second bolt. Tighten down the bolts, and then tighten the set screws. Repeat this process with any other floats needing to be connected.


The first inclination is to tighten down as hard as possible - DO NOT DO THIS. Tighten the carriage bolts only untill snug - do not over tighten. You are working with plastic and aluminum which are both soft substances. Tighten the carriage bolt nut until the lock washer flattens out then another half turn.

Now tighten the set bolts - tighten by hand, then another 1/2 turn with a wrench.

Connecting the floats together is best achieved on land, or in shallow water. If you connect in deeper water - the floats must be kept level in the water in order to slide the connector piece into the adjoining float. If you are connecting the floats together and standing on the floats - it may be necessary to move back into the center of the float in order to pull the two floats together.

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