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ADA Camp Dock Testimonial Camp Aranzazu
(ADA Compliant Floating Dock)

The dock is functioning very well; we had a lot of success with it this summer! We already cannot believe how we conducted boating activities without it. Thank you again, this is a wonderful addition to our camp and our campers love it!

Recently we have installed a Kay-aKcess floating kayak landing/launch at Lignumvitae Key. The landing is attached to our service dock located to the South of our main dock where a "Kayak Landing" sign is posted near the end of the landing/launch.

Lignumvitae Key, Florida
Oscar Scherer State Park

Kay-aKcess is a floating kayak/canoe launch/dock that provides safe, easy, stable access to and from the water. In combination with the side assist bars visitors can now land and launch their kayaks and canoes safely.

In the not too distant future we are planning to add another 5' x 8' x 8" Float section along with a hinged aluminum ramp enabling visitors a direct route to the park grassy surface.

Recent visitors to the Park have commented "What a great way to land our kayaks to visit such a pristine historical island Park".
Gerald M. (Jerry) P.
Assistant Manager
Lignumvitae Key

Access For All!

Oscar Scherer State Park showcased its new ADA Accessible canoe/kayak Launch in October by taking out local residents of varying abilities. I would like to share three different stories with you in regards to the possibilities this dock has opened up in three people's lives.

Oscar Scherer State Park
Oscar Scherer State Park

First is Rod, he lost his leg over 10 years ago to a base jumping accident and now wears a prosthetic leg. Rod is an active guy and enjoys spending time at Oscar Scherer State Park. In the past Rod needed to paddle with others and could not enjoy the possibility of a nice quite paddle on his own. Rod said "This dock gives me the peace of mind I needed to explore the water and makes getting in and out of the kayak much easier".

Second is Kurt, he lost the use of his legs in a ladder accident a few years back. This was Kurt's first experience out on the water since his injury and you could see he was nervous. After walking him through the transfer process he was able to transfer from his chair into the Kayak on his own with no trouble. Once out on the water you could see him relax and enjoy the experience. Kurt said "I did not even consider kayaking as an option for me since my accident."

Third is Danny, Danny came with his mother Katrina and has cerebral palsy. Danny never in his life had the opportunity to go kayaking and was very excited with the idea along with his mother. Danny needed some further assistance from park staff getting in and out of the kayak once Danny was out on the water you should have seen the smile on his face. While Rangers Wendell and Ashley took Danny for a kayak tour I had the opportunity to speak with his mother. Katrina was almost in tears with gratitude for the opportunities this has opened up for her and her son. Katrina said "To see Danny have the chance to get out on the water and have a completely new experience makes me so happy, Thank You." Danny got a chance to touch a blue crab, see mullet jump out of the water right in front of his kayak and canít wait to come back out on the water.

We look forward to getting many more folks with varying abilities out on the water that day and many more days to come.

Tony C.
Park Manager
Oscar Scherer State Park
1843 South Tamiami Trail
Osprey Fl 34229

Kayak Launch Dock

Kayak Launch Dock
Adirondaks Lake

I wanted to kayak from our dock which is on a beautiful lake in the Adirondaks. The water off the dock is too deep for me to step into the kayak without also falling into the water. The only way I was able to kayak was to use the beach front of a nearby friend. Somehow my amazing husband found this floating dock especially made for the independence of launching and docking your own kayak...even if you are not very strong and have poor balance.

My husband attached this floating dock to our traditional wooden dock. Stepping down onto the floating dock is like steping onto a large stable boat deck. The dock only moves minimally. I am able to drag my kayak down from the grass, release the rope at the end of the launching ramp, place my kayak on the ramp...hold the rail and step into the kayak. Then I push my self off either with my paddle and or by pulling my self along on the cleats.

Paddling back onto the ramp is just as easy no matter how windy it is....then pulling kayak up further on ramp using cleats, holding the rail and stepping out onto floating dock. Then I walk around and raise the ramp by the rope attached to it and secure it on a cleat. I absolutely love my new dock, it has given me back my independence. I was even able to launch my visiting friend's kayak and we both used the ramp one behind the other.
Tony T.

Kay-aKcess enables individuals who live on canals, have docks or seawalls safe, easy access to the water. Durable and affordable. Ask about nationwide and international shipping. Contact Us for more information.

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