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Floating Kayak Docks, ADA Docks and More!

Kay-aKcess Dock Specifications

Specifications- Kayak Docks, ADA Docks & Gangways

Our complete line of floating docks and gangways are built to the highest standards and meet current ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) specifications. Please see the PDF files below for details.

Kay-aKcess can customize any dock or gangway to your specifications. We can provide assistance in designing docks and gangways that meet your unique requirements and that will comply with the ADA Standards. Contact Us for more ADA Compliant Dock information.

Download PDF  ADA Dock Specifications

Download PDF  Floating Dock Specifications

Download PDF  Gangway & Ramp- Specifications

Kay-aKcess ADA Kayak Dock
Kay-aKcess ADA Kayak Dock