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8' x 12' floating dock with 8' x 36" launch platform
($2799 dock + $929 Safe Launch)   $3718
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    Kay-aKcess Launch Applications

    Waterfront Homes- Seawall, Dock and Canal
    Parks- Active and Passive
    Camp Grounds
    Adaptive Water Sports
    Condominums on the Water
    Yacht Clubs
    55+ Communities
    Restaurants on the Water
  1. Ordering- Standard Kay-aKcess Launch: 8' x 12' floating dock with 8' x 36" launch platform
    ($2799 dock + $929 Safe launch)   $3728
    Other Dock Sizes Available

  2. Choose Method of Installation
    How and what are you going to attach your launch to?

    Tie up using cleats- GOOD
    Kayak Dock Cleats

    Free standing- BETTER, 3" pipe hoop connectors $80 each and 2 1/2" pipe. There are two types - one that attaches anywhere along the frame and the other which connects in the end slots of the frame. Pipe (which is purchased locally) is then driven down into the seabed, and can be covered with a section of PVC for cosmetic purposes.
    Free Standing Kayak Dock

    Attach to a dock/ seawall or pilings- BEST Slide assemblies are the most stable and secure method of installing or attaching your dock- especially if you encounter boat traffic and boat wakes. $1099 pr. Usually only 2 slides are required.
    Kayak Dock Slide Assemblies

  3. Select Your Accessories

    Side Assist Bar   $179
    Side Assist Bar

    Overhead Assist Bar 36"   $189
    Overhead Assist Bar

    Cleats: $16 each with stainless hardware installed
    Bump Strip
    Bump Strip: $9.00/ft installed

    4 Step fiberglass stairs
    3 step fiberglass stairs with aluminum handrail $529.
    4 step fiberglass stairs with aluminum handrail $599.
    3, 4 and 5 step aluminum ladders - $129/$139/$149.

    Additional Dock Sections to make your kayak launch larger
         4' x 8' dock section $849 resulting in a 8' x 16' area
         5' x 8' dock section $979 resulting in a 8' x 17' area

  4. Are You Going to Install Your Launch or Do You Need an Installer?
    About half of our customer self install. Tie off and pipe hoop methods are very easy, but even half of our customers install the slide assemblies. Full instructions are available at our Dock Installations section.

  5. Shipping Quotation- Our kayak Launch Docks are shipped on a pallet. You will need a shipping quote and it can be delivered to the nearest shipping depot and held for pick-up (least expensive) or be brought out to your home for an additional fee. Please supply your zip code and name of your city - and we will supply you with both quotes - depot/home.
    Shipping Pallet
    Request your shipping quote or for more information call 941-662-5935 or email mail@Kay-aKcess.com.

  6. Pay for Your Launch
    8' x 12' launch with 36" x 8' safe launch platform $3718
    Cleats @$16 ea $____
    Pipe hoop connectors @ $80 $____
    Slide assemblies @ $1099 pr $____
    Side assist bar @ $179 $____
    Overhead assist bar @ $189 $____
    Bump strip $9.00/ft installed $____
    3 Step stairs w/ Alum. handrail @$529 $____
    4 Step stairs w/ Alum. handrail @$599 $____
    Ladders- 3 ft @ $129, 4ft@ $139, 5 step @$149 $____
    4' x 8' dock section @ $849 $____
    5' x 8' dock section @ $979 $____
Other Kayak Docks Available Other Kayak Docks Available

Kay-aKcess enables individuals who live on canals, have docks or seawalls safe, easy access to the water. Durable and affordable. Ask about nationwide and international shipping. Contact Us for more information.

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