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Kayak Launch Dock Installation and Assembly

The 8 X 12 Kay-aKcess Launch dock with a 36" X 8' slip will provide you with many hours of safe and easy entry and exit from your dock and allow you to store your kayak right on the float which results in more time kayaking and less time transporting and stowing your kayak.

Floating Kayak Dock and Kayak Launch

Fully assembled with 2 persons should take around 3 hours.

Make sure you have the following parts and tools:

1 - 4 X 8 X 8" FLOATING DOCK
2 - 30" X 8 X 8' FLOATING DOCKS
2 - STYLE "S" Straight connectors S Straight Connector
2 - STYLE "TC" connectors TC Straight Connector
4 - 5/16 X 3" bolts for TC connectors TC Straight Connector Bolts
16 set bolts

Overhead assist bar - if ordered
(2 - 5/16 X 3.5" hex head bolts to install overhead assist bar)

  1. The first step is to lay the docks out on the ground/dock/shore/water in the position they will be installed. There will be letters "A" written on the sides of the frames - just line up the letters so that they match. YOUR DOCK WAS FULLY ASSEMBLED AT THE FACTORY; bump strip and any other accessories were fully installed - letter designations were put on the frames of the floats to make it much easier for you to re-assemble your dock and make sure it is put together correctly.

  2. The underwater connector is the first piece that MUST be installed - otherwise you will have to take the whole dock apart, if this step is not done first. Install the underwater connector by removing the bolts in the ends of the floats, slide the connector in and slide the floats back together, and re-insert the bolts. This can be easily done by hanging the ends of the two floats over the side of your dock or seawall to assemble.

    Kayak Docks Assembly

  3. Install the connectors which will connect the finger floats to the main dock - making sure to not tighten the bolts or set bolts until the docks have been pushed together fully. SLIDE THE DOCKS TOGETHER EVENLY - DO NOT GET ONE SIDE WAY AHEAD OF THE OTHER AS IT WILL BIND AND NOT PUSH TOGETHER.

    Kayak Docks Assembly Step 3

    Kayak Docks Assembly Step 3
    Use a screw driver to lift the lid slightly to push the "T" connector into position.

  4. Once the dock is fully together - tighten the thru-bolts only till snug - do not over tighten (TIGHTEN UNTIL THE LOCK WASHER FLATTENS OUT - THEN ANOTHER 1/2 TURN.) Now tighten the set bolts - tighten by hand, then another 1/2 turn with a wrench. Polyethylene - the material the float is made out of - expands with heat, and it may require you drilling out one or more of the bolt holes to assist in getting the bolts back into their holes.
    Kayak Docks Assembly Step 4

    Kayak Docks Assembly Step 4

  5. If you ordered an "overhead assist bar" - install it now. Refer to HOW TO INSTALL THE ASSIST BAR on the Support and Help Section.

  6. You are now ready to attach bump strip. See HOW TO INSTALL THE BUMP STRIP under the Support Section of the web site.

  7. Lower your dock into the water and push into position and connect according to what type of connection system you purchased. See HOW TO INSTALL SECTION.

  8. Congratulations your dock is ready to use. Have fun and remember to send pictures to Susan@Kay-aKcess.com of your floats being used. We will publish them on the News page of the web site.

Kay-aKcess enables individuals who live on canals, have docks or seawalls safe, easy access to the water. Durable and affordable. Ask about nationwide and international shipping. Contact Us for more information.

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