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Floating Kayak Docks, ADA Docks and More!

ADA Compliant Docks

Safe-Launch, Wheelchair Platform & Assist Bars

Kay-aKcess offers an ADA Compliant* floating kayak/canoe launch/dock that provides safe, easy, stable access to and from the water. The wheelchair transfer platform, overhead and side assist bars, and Safe-Launch adjustable platform, in combination with an ADA Gangway enable persons with disabilities to launch their kayaks and canoes safely; WITHOUT the assistance of others, which is truly empowering. Contact Us for more ADA Compliant Dock information.

ADA Compliant Kayak Dock

Entering Safe-Launch for ADA Compliant Dock
Launching from ADA Compliant Dock

ADA compliant docks and gangways provide accessibility to the water sports of kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding to people with disabilities. They comply with standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) 1991 and 2010. Kay-aKcess ADA Compliant docks are opening the sport to virtually anyone who wants to participate, any age or ability level Safe, easy access in and out of the water!. Eliminate the fear of falling or flipping.

ADA Dock Drawings

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ADA 12-x-18-x-8 Safe-Launch Dock     ADA 16-x-18-x-12 Safe-Launch Dock     ADA 16-x-26-x-12 Safe-Launch Dock with Slip

ADA docks include transfer platform, safe launch and Wolf PVC Decking.
Pricing starts at:
12' x 18'  $14,177
16' x 18'  $16,986
16' x 26'  $21,796
Pricing will vary depending on options selected, gangways not included.

Kay-aKcess Docks- Floats are Lower in Height
Kay-aKcess Dock- Floats are Lower in Height

In a Kay-aKcess dock, the floats are lower in height and designed specifically for kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. The dock floats sits only 7" above the water. Kay-aKcess docks are easier to use and allows multiple people to use the dock at the same time.

ADA Dock- Note 7" height of Dock Floats
ADA Dock

The Transfer platform provides access from the wheelchair height level – down to the dock level and returning to the wheel chair. Transfer support is provided utilizing an overhead assist bar and overhead continuous grab bar. Clear floor space and turning space is provided. As per the 2010 ADA STANDARDS FOR ACCESSIBLE DESIGN 1008.3, 1008.4. The ADA Accessible Gangway- Provides an accessible route to the dock. As specified in Chapter 4:ACCESSIBLE ROUTES, and Chapter 10: RECREATION FACILITIES as to the length, slant ratio, railing size, height, scope, edge protection and continuous handrail extension and transition plates.

Kay-aKcess can provide assistance in designing a dock and gangway that meet your unique requirements and that will comply with the ADA Standards. Contact Us for more ADA Compliant Dock information.

Wolf PVC Decking

Go to the Decking Page to see the deck color options.

Deck Colors

ADA Docks Media Gallery

Entering Water from ADA Compliant Dock
Entering Water from ADA Compliant Dock

ADA Compliant Dock
ADA Compliant Dock

ADA Dock with Gangway and Launch Platform
ADA Dock with Gangway and Launch Platform

ADA Dock with Gangway and Launch Platform
ADA Dock with Gangway and Launch Platform

Contact Us for more ADA Compliant Dock information.

* Kay-aKcess is compliant with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Which included recreation facilities for the first time. The Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA.) requires state and local governments, businesses and non-profit organizations to provide goods, services and programs to people with disabilities on an equal basis with the rest of the public. Full compliance is required for new construction and alterations. Because recreation facilities were not included in the 1991 ADA Standards, they are not subject to the safe harbor exemption. State and local governments must make these items accessible if necessary to ensure program accessibility, unless an undue burden would result. Public accommodations must remove architectural barriers to these items.
As per Institute for Human Centered Design –